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Project 00

21 November
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This is the Journal of Sephiroth Of Esper, a SOLDIER General

Character’s name: Sephiroth Hojo
Gender: male
Affiliation: SOLDIER
Age: 27
Appearing Age: 22
Birthday: 21/11
Place of birth: Meteor

Sexual Preference: bisexual
Marital Status: single
Eye color: vivid green
Hair Color: silver
Skin Tone: pale
Height: 186 cm (6’ 2”)
Build: light, but with well defined muscles, very symmetrical and well proportioned

There are many rumors surrounding him in ShinRa, some of those saying he was bred genetically, a person completely artificial, not a human, but those rumors are greatly exaggerated.
Sephiroth was one of the first children born on Esper, a son of a genius scientist, who had the luck (or lack there of) to become his father’s first lab rat, when the man started experimenting with mako injections. Because of that he has led most of his conscious life within the ShinRa facilities, training to become the best, ever the best (for some time he still hoped to gain his father’s approval) and being experimented on. These left him physically superior to most of the inhabitants of Esper, but also emotionally crippled (or so he believes).
Now he just wants to do his job right, so there would be as few victims as possible, and learn about both himself and the Cetra here.

Personality: very calm and collected, since he was bred (for the lack of better word) since he was very little to become someone special, he rarely lets people know about his emotions other than annoyance or sometimes anger (but rarely) or amusement (especially when it comes to Zack), appears not to care about rumors about him flying around, detests worship of any kind
Identifying Marks:
Clothing Preferences: black clothing, well fitting, but always comfortable and never constricting movements, preferable is his uniform made of black leather, black cotton and silver armor, gloves, also fingerless, when he’s off duty
Profession: general of SOLDIER
Weapon of Choice: sword
Things: books, especially on Cetra, his motorbike
Food: he eats practically everything he’s given
Drink: water, eventually wine
Color: cobalt blue
Likes: silence, night sky (with stars visible),
Dislikes: incompetence, hypocrisy, being touched, unnecessary deaths
Talents: sword mastery, fighting, warfare, tactics
Weaknesses: deeply hidden emotions
Pre-Existing Relationships:
Alexander Hojo – He has never gotten on well with his father and had limited contact with his mother after he started getting injections (he lost it really, when he stayed within ShinRa). Estranged would be too strong a word for his relationship with his father, but Sephiroth is not overtly fond of him.

Lucretia Cresent – he lost contact with his mother after he decided to stay within ShinRa military, but he remembers her kindly

Zack – a friend and subordinate, one of very few people he trusts…somewhat

Special Abilities: materia usage

*Seiyuu/Voice: Morikawa Toshiyuki
*Songs Character Resonates To: Burning Of The Past (Harry Gregson Williams), Off The Edge Of Despair (FF X) and Burn by The Cure

What’s your dream holiday? do not have one, there isn’t time

Which is the most sensitive part of your body? neck down to the juncture with shoulders, a spot just above his left hipbone

What do you like best on another’s body? eyes and hands, hair

What do you do when you’re depressed? train, ride

What do you do, when you’re angry? train, if it is possible, if not then he tries not to show it

Do you have a habit others consider as annoying? one word answers

If you could choose anyone else's life to live, who would s/he be? that would never be, there is therefore no point in the fruitless dreaming

Is the glass half empty or half full? half empty

What do you think, when you hear the following words:
Midnight: darkness, stars
Heart: blood
Rain: storm
Suicide: honor
Paper: order
Flower: beauty
Hammer: weapon